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Bald Spot Dawning

by The Scent

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Dragnet 02:20
"Dragnet" Saw you in the deep blue water standing all around you Steel hull black grey concrete re-bar ballast Oh-oh dragnet baby big black boat dragnet baby 'Twas on a brillig night I could see it through yonder smog Bowsprint mast and hangin' boom nine sails it was a sailors tomb Oh oh... take a break Oh oh... I'm not one to make a mistake Will Conjetta's rust consume? Will she see the bottom of the lake? Shaggy daggy and a kinda draggy ragged & bragged and I waved goodbye
Moth 02:25
"Moth" Flippin' through the window like a dirty piece of paper Lighting on nothing not on the butter Flittering upward twittering vapor Spastically spinning caught in a flutter Moth To the light on the ceiling then falling back down Bumping and hopping but making no sound In a fast bit of struggle then tossing again Like a torn paper bag or an old grey rag
Yentle 01:27
"Yentle" What was it that I said to make you want me to be far away from you?
Humiliator 04:03
"Humiliator" Rolling wrecked avocado pouch I look like my car when I get off the couch Stagger down stairs squeakily sweater snags fake manzanita tree I can't find a comb to start this heap it's as much fun to drive as it is to sleep Get this shoe on the road off the street it fires up like a piccolo pete Coughing puffing downhill sprint 80 mile an hour just to make it up again Okay man what's the knackwurst? It's the rusty pine box no shock hearse Putting around in a bucket is fine this rickety metal shack ain't even mine Can't hang with this shake & bake & rumble driving this car will make you humble You were a sweet a sweet car once It stands true that you ran smooth Now you are just an old boot But you are the pride of Lou Driving through hysteria hockenberry area
"Cauliflower Ear" You always call me on the telo-line my ear is feeling like a watermelon rind Help me out don't call again write a letter use your pen My ear is going to have a fit you call me up and chew on it Tell me what you want from me my time is really not for free I'm tired of having this cauliflower ear Help me get it of the telephone line I'm tired of having this cauliflower ear
Flip It 00:36
Oh Eddie 02:05
"Oh Eddie" Oh Eddie can't you see what you're doing to you what you're doing to me Mr. Larossa said "We need to cut it back" Oh Eddie help me out it was a piece of 949 not a piece of 941 don't you see what you have done? Jose' cut me some slack I don't need your stupid mouse trap I need another white slip I didn't charge you for the last trip Connie cut out I've got enough to worry about You're not the boss don't play around just tape my check to the door in the back
Moco Mix 03:57
"Work Is For Suckers" I need more sleep if I'm gonna sit still But when I'm working I work better with less In this case less is more I need more sleep if I'm gonna sit still But when I'm working I work better with less Less is more in this case Odd but true what's on TV
Marmalade 03:48
"Marmalade" Watchdog lie-back 510 borderline Cauliflower toe-hold... dihedrals away Marmalade Mickey Mouse "hi there, Klaus", grandma's house... team teen Vitamins ball point pens coffee sugar and cream Laundromats lactose Letterman... slide-bone Bee pollen car stalling hangin' 5 with Raul (in the big house)
"The Justified Hairdoo" The hairdoo can show them who dwells inside the real fool you You say I've got a point there hence Your Mickey Mouse hairdoo is making me tense The man with the image the dud with the stuff He's maxin' on flimsy he's a cream-puff The babe with the look she never read a book The poor tease girl her intentions they're mistook The justified hairdoo smile with the zest for life Strut you are the gimmick you feel like a million bucks (This is the real me)


The beginning and the end of an era.... all in one.

The very last weeks of the 1980's.
The first proper album by The Scent. And yet the last recordings The Scent would do in California before their life changing voyage to Virginia.

Recorded & mixed in 10 hours on 8 tracks, December 18 & 20 1989 at Zou-Zou Studio, Gardena California by Erik Missak Ter-Sarkissian at a total cost of $146.39. “Flip It” was recorded at Rancho Audio, San Pedro California. "Moco Mix” was done live at Electric Papas, San Pedro California, both free of charge.

Remastered February 2017 from the original 1/4" 2 track by Analog Cabin Recordings®


released February 27, 2017

Scott Dougan, Erik Korte & Thom Lynch and the mighty Alesis HR-16 preformed on almost all tracks with help from Ruben Espinoza on “Flip It”, Eddie on "Oh Eddie" and a Boss DR-220 on "Moco Mix"

Cover art by Kirstin Korte
Most special thanks to Jim Hospe


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The Scent Afton, Virginia

Born out of non-necessity in San Pedro, California. Continuing to make music no matter how many decades it takes to complete.

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